Press Ganey Inpatient Score (Peer Group)

Upstate University Hospital contracts with Press Ganey Associates, an independent company, to measure patient satisfaction. Press Ganey sends patients a survey after they have been discharged from the hospital. For the peer group comparison, Upstate University Hospital uses the Press Ganey survey data obtained from hospitals that are in New York State with a bed size of 300-699. Patients rate their satisfaction from 100 (very good) to 0 (very poor). The mean score is the average of all patient responses to survey questions regarding the topic. A higher score is better.

Desired Trend: Increase
Goal: To be in the Top 10% of all NYS Peer Group Hospitals by 2015. (Greater than the 90th percentile.)


This graph represents roll-up information for all associated quality measures. Our Press Ganey Reports contain detailed information for all measures represented in this graph.