Goal Four: Commit to our Community

Commit to Our Community

  1. Increase Upstate's investment and participation in community events
    • Increase participation in community-activities
    • Increase funds raised during annual SEFA Campaign
    • Increase contributors to SEFA Campaign
  2. Improve the health of our local community (partnering with the DOH, city schools and hospitals)
    • Increase the number of health care facilities that have Tobacco Free Grounds policies.
    • Percent of participants completing HealthLink Smoking Cessation program.
    • Percent of HealthLink program participants successfully quit smoking for at least one month.
    • Increase the number of Non-health care facilities that have Tobacco Free Grounds policies.
    • Increase health insurance coverage for children and families in Syracuse City Schools
  3. Expand business-related partnerships within our community
    • Increase M/WBE and small business vendor procurement contracts
      • Total M/WBE payments
      • Percent of total expenditures