Blood Drive Information

Blood Drive Information

Supported by the Advocates for SUNY Upstate Medical University

Your donation at Upstate counts toward helping Upstate University Hospital patients!

About Upstate Blood Drives

When you donate at an Upstate blood drive your donation automatically counts toward Upstate's drive goal. The cost of blood units purchased for our patient care is reduced when we meet donation goals each year.

Your donation helps to maintain a good supply of blood for our patients.

How to Schedule a Convenient Appointment

Upstate University Hospital – downtown campus: contact Linda Underwood at

Upstate University Hospital - Community campus: contact Upstate Connect at 315-464-8668 or Jean Pirozzi at

Sutherland Global (Galleries Downtown): contact Doug Rosenthal at 464-8881 or email

Sarah Loguen Center: contact Michael Garver at 464-8622 or email

Setnor Academic Building: contact Mary Dacosta at

Upstate University Hospital – Downtown Campus

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Thursday, 10/11/20188:00am to 5pm2nd floor cafeteria
Friday, 10/12/20187:00am to 1:00pm2nd floor cafeteria
Thursday, 1/17/20198:00am to 5pm2nd floor cafeteria
Friday, 1/18/20197am to 1:00pm2nd floor cafeteria
Thursday, 4/11/20198:00am to 5pm2nd floor cafeteria
Friday, 4/12/20197:00am to 1:00pm2nd floor cafeteria
Thursday, 7/18/20197:30am to 7:00pm2nd floor cafeteria
Friday, 7/19/20197am to 1:00pm2nd floor cafeteria
Thursday, 10/10/20198:00am to 5pm2nd floor cafeteria
Friday, 10/11/20197:00am to 1:00pm2nd floor cafeteria

Upstate University Hospital - Community Campus

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Wednesday, 10/24/201812pm to 6pmCC Cafeteria
Thursday, 10/25/20187am to 1pmCC Cafeteria
Tuesday, 1/8/201912pm to 6pmCC Cafeteria
Wednesday, 1/9/20197am to 1pmCC Cafeteria
Wednesday, 4/24/201912pm to 6pmCC Cafeteria
Thursday, 4/25/20197am to 1pmCC Cafeteria
Monday, 7/29/201912pm to 6pmCC Cafeteria
Tuesday, 7/30/20197am to 1pmCC Cafeteria
Wednesday, 10/23/201912pm to 6pmCC Cafeteria
Thursday, 10/24/20197am to 1pmCC Cafeteria

Galleries Downtown

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TBATBASutherland Global
TBATBASutherland Global

Sarah Loguen Center

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TBATBAConference room and hallway
TBATBAConference room and hallway

Setnor Academic Building

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Wednesday, 2/27/201912pm to 5pm1507/1508
Wednesday, 8/14/201912pm to 5pm1507/1508

Davis Ulmer

7697 Morgan Rd, Liverpool, NY 13090

Friday, 12/7/201810am-3pmDavis Ulmer
TBA10am-3pmDavis Ulmer
TBA10am-3pmDavis Ulmer

North Manlius United Church

7815 Adams Rd, Kirkville,NY 13082, (315) 656-2331

TBA2:30pm-7:30pmNorth Manlius United Methodist Church