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Upcoming Events
8/14 5:00pmENT H&N Tumor Conf
8/14 6:00pmStop the Bleed
8/14 6:00pmStop the Bleed Course
8/14 7:00amWorkplace Violence: CPI Non-Violent Crisis Intervention: REFRESHER COURSE
8/15 6:00pmShoulder Pain and Decoding Medical Marketing
8/15 7:00amSurgery M&M Conference
8/16 5:00amChairman's Rounds- Infectious Disease
8/16 11:45amPeer Support for Adults with Type Two Diabetes- Magnarelli Community Center at McChesney Park
8/20 6:00pmBaby Care Basics
8/20 8:00amEpic Care Ambulatory New Employee - Front Desk
8/21 12:00pmBreastfeeding and Returning to Work or School
8/21 5:00pmENT H&N Tumor Conf
8/21 7:00pmHazmat Decontamination Training (Competency)
8/22 10:30amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/22 12:15pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/22 1:00pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/22 1:45pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/22 2:30pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/22 3:15pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/22 7:30amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/22 8:15amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/22 9:00amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/22 9:45amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/22 6:00pmGastric and Esophageal Cancer
8/23 8:00amEpic Care Ambulatory Insurance Basics
8/23 2:00pmLiving Healthy with a Chronic Condition
8/23 2:00pmLiving Healthy with a Chronic Condition - Liverpool Public Library, 310 Tulip Street
8/23 7:30amNursing Service Orientation (NSO): LICENSED Inpatient Nursing Staff
8/23 9:15amNursing Services Orientation (NSO): UNLICENSED Nursing Staff
8/23 11:45amSafety Companion (Part of Nursing Service Orientation (NSO))
8/24 9:45amIV Insertion Training
8/27 8:00amEpic Care Ambulatory New Employee - Front Desk
8/28 5:00pmENT H&N Tumor Conf
8/28 5:30pmMedical Executive Committee (MEC)
8/29 2:00pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/29 2:45pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/29 3:30pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/29 4:15pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/29 5:00pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
8/29 12:00pmStop the Bleed Instructor Course