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Upcoming Events
3/22 10:00amLiving Healthy with a Chronic Condition
3/22 5:30pmLiving Healthy with a Chronic Condition
3/22 5:30pmLiving Healthy with a Chronic Condition - Interfaith Works of CNY, 1010 James Street, Syracuse, NY
3/22 10:00amLiving Healthy with a Chronic Condition - OASIS Location
3/22 12:30pmPsychiatry Grand Rounds
3/22 12:15pmPublic Health & Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds
3/23 12:00pmCenter for Vision Research Lab Meeting
3/24 8:00amPedaling4Paige
3/26 12:00pmActive Learning Collaborative Meeting
3/26 8:00amEpic Care Ambulatory New Employee - Front Desk
3/26 6:00pmHernia: Treatment and Repair
3/26 7:00amWorkplace Violence: CPI Non-Violent Crisis Intervention: REFRESHER COURSE
3/27 4:00pmBiochemistry & Molecular Biology Department Research Report
3/27 1:00pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/27 1:45pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/27 2:30pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/27 3:15pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/27 4:00pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/27 5:00amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/27 5:45amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/27 6:30amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/27 7:15amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/27 8:00amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/27 12:00pmCPR for LICENSED staff - New Hires ONLY
3/27 12:00pmFaculty Educator Development Seminar Series
3/27 10:00amLiving Healthy with a Chronic Condition
3/27 10:00amLiving Healthy with a Chronic Condition - The Hearth at Greenpoint
3/27 4:30pmTai Chi for Arthritis (Intermediate level)
3/28 2:00pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/28 2:45pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/28 3:30pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/28 4:15pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/28 5:00pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/28 8:00amNeuroscience Grand Rounds
3/28 10:00amNewborn care
3/28 8:00amPediatric Grand Rounds
3/28 12:00pmWeb Presentation: Medical Imaging Programs (Radiography (X-Ray), Ultrasound, BPS-CT AND BPS-MRI).
3/29 10:30amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/29 12:15pmCPR for LICENSED STAFF
3/29 7:30amCPR for LICENSED STAFF
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Upstate Supported Events
Heart Walk
April 21, 2018
J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge
June 6, 2018
6th Annual Northeast Wilderness Medicine Conference (2018)
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Mystery Malt & Merlot
April 13, 2018
Paddle for the Cure
September 15, 2018
The 1st Annual Al Todeschini Pancreatic Cancer Softball Tournament
Saturday, June 30, 2018
Community Rock Stars - Women who saw a need and acted!
April 13, 2018
National Cancer Survivors' Day
June 3, 2018
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Diversity Lecture Series
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