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Facts and Rate Sheet for Grant Application

Data for Grant Proposals...

The following information is often requested by sponsors or needed prior to grant submission:

Legal Applicant and Administrative Agent (for requesting and receiving extramural funds) The Research Foundation for the State University of New York (SUNY)
Type of Organization: Private, nonprofit 501(c)(3), educational corporation
Research Foundation Upstate Campus
Contact: Grants & Contracts Jennifer Rudes
Sponsored Programs Office
1111E Weiskotten Hall
Phone: 315 464-5385
Research Foundation Mailing Address:

The Research Foundation for SUNY
750 East Adams St. Syracuse, NY, 13210 

Research Foundation Payment Address The Research Foundation for SUNY
750 East Adams St. CAB-209, Syracuse, NY 13210
Financial Specialist: Lori Gero
Research Foundation Telephone Phone: 315-464-5476
UMU site DUNS Number #16-979-3908
RF DUNS Number #05-888-9106
IRS Federal Employer Identification #14-1368361
NYS Vendor Number #1000013735
DHHS Entity Identification #1-146013200-H4
Charities Exemption Number #02-73-03
U.S. Congressional District Research Foundation - NY-024
Current Employee Benefit Rates (2018 - 2019) Research Foundation - 40%
SUNY - 62.48%
Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Rates (2018 - 2019) Federal Grants: 62%, 
Clinical Trials: 30% TDC
Institutional Review Board
Contact: Marti Benedict
Research Compliance Office
1109 Weiskotten Hall
Phone: 315 464-4317

Federal Wide Assurance #

IRB Organization #





Institutional Animal Care Use Committee (IACUC):
Contact: Robert Quinn
Department of Laboratory Animal Resources
4159 Weiskotten Hall
Phone: 315 464-6563
PHS Animal Welfare Assurance #D16-00318
NYS Department of Health Permit for Use of Living Animals ID #A073
USDA Research Facility Registration #308
AAALAC Accreditation #954 received 7/13/99