Institutional Space Committee


All research space at SUNY Upstate Medical University should be under the oversight of the Vice President of Research.  There must be openness and transparency in the assignment and usage of space as pointed out in the Engaging Excellence recommendations.  There also needs to be a clear process to solicit and allocate research space consistent with existing metrics.  The Space Design Task Force is transitioning into a standing SUNY Upstate Research Space Committee which will report to the Vice President for Research. 

The committee should focus on:  

  1. Development of the process for space solicitation and allocation
  2. Recommending to the VP for Research the optimal usage of research space through SUNY Upstate, including what becomes available as researchers migrate to the IHP expansion and other destinations
  3. Helping to design new research space that will come online during the next ten years.

In addition, this group will evaluate and recommend space assignments according to principles and metrics and periodically review utilization of space.