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QAIP Study Initiation Visits

Request/schedule Study Initiation Visit:
Michelle Taylor, QAIP Coordinator
Email: taylormi@upstate.edu
Phone: 315 464-4328

QAIP Study Initiation Visits are Available for New Studies That Have Received IRB Approval.

The QAIP Coordinator will provide:

  • Assistance with set-up/organization of study records and required documents;
  • Instruction concerning local IRB reporting requirements for:
    1. Adverse events
    2. Amendments
    3. Continuing review
    4. Data safety and monitoring reports
    5. Protocol deviations
  • Education about the informed consent process and documentation
  • Clarification of confidentiality and HIPAA issues.

Schedule a QAIP Study Initiation Visit If You:

  • Are a new investigator or coordinator
  • Are an investigator with no study coordinator
  • Have questions about IRB reporting requirements
  • Are not assisted/monitored by other entities (e.g. a sponsor)
  • Would like assistance with study setup before enrollment begins

Study Initiation Visit: Preventive Care for Your Study Site