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Phase One, Open Label, Assessment of a Dengue-1-Virus- Live Virus Human Challenge
(DENV-1-LVHC) Virus Strain

What is the purpose of the study?

The purpose of this research study is to determine if we can develop this weakened dengue virus to safely produce mild dengue symptoms in a human. We want a weakened dengue virus so, in the future, we can use it to test whether or not new vaccines or drugs for dengue actually work. For instance, in the future, we could give a subject a new dengue vaccine then give them the weakened dengue virus. If they did not develop dengue symptoms the vaccine may be working. If they did have dengue symptoms the vaccine may not be working. This weakened dengue virus could also be used to look at how the body's immune system reacts to a dengue infection. Giving a controlled infection to test vaccines or to look at the immune system is done for a number of diseases including malaria. It has been done with dengue viruses in the past. The weakened version of the dengue virus we are using in this study is newly produced, so now we need to carefully study the ways in which this new weakened dengue virus causes illness. We want to ensure it also safety produced a mild form of dengue illness that can be used in future research.

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Principal Investigator:

Timothy P Endy

Who can I contact for more information?

Name: Alexander Arbital
Phone: 315-464-9869

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