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  • Seung Shin Hahn, MD
    Research Interests: Radiosurgery; Radiation sensitizer and protectors; evaluation of radiation sensitivity of normal tissues.
  • Walter Hall, MD, MBA
    Research Interests: Brain tumors, targeted toxins, and central nervous system infections
  • Steven Hanes, PhD
    Research Interests: Gene expression in development and disease, RNA pol II regulation, homeobox genes, prolyl isomerases
  • Marvin Heyboer, MD, FACEP, FUHM, FACCWS
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Hyperbaric Medicine
    Wound Healing
  • John Hoepner, MD
    Dual Hospital Provider
    Research Interests: Cataract surgery glaucoma retinal electrophysiology
  • Philip Holtzapple, MD
  • George Holz, PhD
    Research Interests: Drug development for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • Brian Howell, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: The signal transduction events that regulate the functional organization of neurons in the brain, and the phenotypes caused by defects in the genes that encode these signaling molecules.
  • Ying Huang, MD, PhD
    Research Interests: Oncogenic signaling in cellular transformation and apoptosis; tumor suppressor genes.