Department at a Glance

Full-time faculty

  • 26 Radiologists, 4 PhD's

Total examinations

  • Greater than 180,000 (including Harrison Center and all University Health Care Centers)


  • 3 GE multi-slice CT scanners, including a 64 slice VCT Scanner in the emergency department
  • 3 GE Logiq 9 US Scanners, 1 GE Logiq 7 scanner, 1 GE Logiq 5 Scanner, 1 GE Logiq Notebook Scanner, GE Logiqworks Worstation, 2 Philips IU22 US Scanners, 1 Nicolet Transcranial Doppler Unit
  • 3 fully equipped Siemens Angiography Suites
  • 4 MR scanners including 1.5 T GE Signa with Instascan, 1.5 T Philips Intera, 3.0 T Siemens, 0.3 T Siemens open magnet
  • Fuji Computed Radiography Systems, Including a Dedicated CR Chest Unit
  • Philips DDVM Digital Radiography Room in Emergency Deparment
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy unit, including ABBI

Nuclear Medicine

  • 1 triple-head SPECT system - Trionix
  • 2 single-head SPECT systems - Siemens E.Cam
  • 1 planar total body system
  • 1 single-head small field of view
  • 1 single-head large field of view
  • 2 Bone Densitometers: Hologic 4500A at University Health Care Center, Hologic 4500C at Manlius Center.


  • Total volumes: 1,000
  • Total journals: 50
  • ACR Learning File on Video Disc and CD-ROM (multiple copies)
  • ACR Film File

Computer Equipment

  • Dell system with Howtek Film Digitizer, CD-ROM recorder and suite of graphics and presentation software, and Ethernet access to hospital backbone and Internet
  • Apple Power Mac G3 system with Ethernet access to hospital backbone and laser printers
  • LCD projector (XGA resolution) in conference room with dedicated computer system and Ethernet access to hospital „backbone,š VCR, DVD player and Gordon video projector
  • 3 Sony Trinitron monitors with Laser Disc Player and Bar Code remote