Each academic year will start with a lecture series on pulmonary physiology. This rotating series could include several lectures in July and August of each academic year. This will be followed by the following recurring conferences.
  1. Wednesday Clinical Case Conference - Cases are presented by the fellows during this weekly clinical conference. Fellows are expected to present a concise summary of the patient's history, emphasize important physical examination findings and laboratory results and prepare a discussion of the unique features of the case or a review of the literature. The Wednesday morning conference time slot consists of a variety of conference types. Once every other a month Morbidity & Mortality review is presented. Selected mortalities that occurred in the ICU and the pulmonary services will be discussed at the M&M sessions. The fellows responsible for those services are expected to present all cases of mortality along with a discussion of the events leading to death. Also, the fellows may discuss low risk mortalities and longer than expected lengths of stay. Once every other month a Research Conference is presented on the 4th Wednesday of the month. This conference offers the fellows the opportunity to discuss ongoing projects or proposals for new projects. Fellows are responsible for presenting their research initiatives as well as recent data. Twice a month case conferences are held (see above) about interesting cases fellows have had recently. The first Wednesday of every month a pathology conference is presented by a third year fellow. These are based on recent cases with interesting pathologic and radiologic findings and are developed in conjunction with a pathologist and/or radiologist.
  2. Journal Club/Rapid Review - Held weekly on Tuesday mornings 7:30-8:30 am
    Journal Club - Two journal articles are presented on alternating Tuesday mornings (about twice a month) each one by a fellow. These articles are chosen by various members of the faculty. Fellows are expected to present the background, objectives, methods, results, conclusions, and critique of the paper. The presenter gives an in depth review of a journal article which is sent out to all fellows and faculty several days in advance. The goals of this conference are to acquire and improve analysis skills and to foster an understanding of the scientific method.

    Rapid Review - Held on alternating Tuesday mornings. Each of two fellows gives a brief review of three journal articles of their choice and of interest to them for a total of six (or so) journal articles reviewed. Fellows are to be given a schedule at the beginning of each year and are responsible for finding another fellow to cover if they take vacation time on their assigned day.
  3. Scientific Sessions - Held every Friday morning
    This conference is an in depth discussion of selected topics in pulmonary and critical care. Speakers include the faculty of the division of pulmonary and critical care, faculty from other divisions, visiting professors and fellows. Topics to be covered include physiology, pathology, statistics, immunology as well as specific clinical entities.
  4. Medical Grand Rounds (Called "Power Rounds") -
    Occurs each Thursday from 7:15-8:00 am
    Attendance is required for fellows and attending physicians.