Public Health Elective: Course Overview

Credits: 2-4
Permission of Instructor required
Periods offered: All
Maximum number of students: 2
Pre-requisites: None, open to all medical students
Readings: Readings are assigned
Evaluation: Students are evaluated throughout the elective by their mentors in addition to articles and papers written, presentations and research conducted.


This elective will allow the student to explore the implementation of public health and population-oriented prevention activities in actual community settings.

Public Health Experience (PRVM6421)

Director: Martha Wojtowycz, PhD, Co-Director, Preventive Medicine Program; Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Public Health & Preventive Medicine
Phone: 315 464-2642

An independent study, community-based project, or international public health experience aimed at improving students understanding of public health, determinants of health and possible interventions addressing the public health issue the student is studying. Students enrolling in this elective generally have chosen a venue, focus of interest (research interest),
and site supervisor (if off campus) prior to enrolling in the elective.

Health Department (PRVM6420)

Director: Cynthia Morrow, MD, MPH, Health Commissioner, Onondaga County Health Department
Phone: 315 435-3155

Students will be introduced to the activities of the Onondaga County Health Department and its efforts to improve the health of our community under the supervision of Dr. Morrow. Students will be responsible for completing a specific project based on their interest and current public health activities and will work with health department staff to assess a public health priority and to implement or evaluate health outbreak investigations, vaccine shortage management, bioterrorism, infant mortality, and chronic disease prevention.

A project summary report is required at the end of the elective to gain credit for the course.