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Spring 2010  PDF document

  • James L. Knoll IV MD:
    Shedding Light on Criminal Minds
  • Sharon A. Brangman MD:
    Embracing the Senior Tsunami
  • Richard Cantor MD:
    A Safety Net for CNY Kids
  • Judy Kilpatrick RN, CNS:
    The Checklist
  • Robert Shprintzen PhD:
    The Many Faces of VCF Syndrome
  • Ziwei Huang PhD:
    On the Trail of a Clever Killer
  • Upstate Cancer Center:
    Building Hope a New Home
  • Clinical Rites of Passage:
    Three Key Stops on the Road Toward Patient Care
  • Hands-On in Haiti:
    Five Upstate Medical Students Reflect and Resolve
  • Dr. Sarah and Dr. Farah:
    Separate Centuries, Common Ground
  • Kasandra Scales:
    Major Investment in Minority Health

ARCHIVE Issues & Highlights

Summer 2009  PDF document

Upstate's Crowning Jewel

The East Tower of University Hospital, topped by the Golisano Children's Hospital, raises the bar for adult and pediatric health care in Upstate New York.

Beating the Call Light

At University Hospital, nurses adopt hourly rounding—and patients find far less need to press the call light.

MPH in Action

Upstate's public health experts often specialize in specific patient populations.

Mutual Benefits

Upstate partners with Project Search to tackle a disturbing statistic: less than 40 percent of young adults with disabilities are employed.

When Work Works Against Us

Upstate's occupational health team celebrates its 20th anniversary with a third clinic, in Canton, and a history of advocacy for CNY workers.

Merging Visions

Teamwork is the key to Upstate's ambitious research agenda, according to the visionary new dean of research, Dr. Steven Goodman.

Fluent in Pediatrics

Understanding how children communicate is critical to the delivery of world-class pediatric care.

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SPRING 2008  PDF document

    • Primary Care for the Often-Forgotten
    • Health Care Behind Bars
    • It Takes a Village
    • Prescription for a Healthy Region
    • A Capital Plan
    • A Pipeline to Rural Medicine
    • From Surgery to Psychiatry
    • Face-to-Face with a Brutal Virus
    • Happier Faces, Healing Hands
    • Passport to Practice
    • In Case of Emergency
    • Pay It Forward
    • Five Weeks in El Salvador
  • marrow donor brochureSPECIAL INSERT
    • Above and Beyond PDF document
      Who, where, when – and why: everything you need to know about registering as a marrow donor.

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SPRING 2007  PDF document

  • Intercepting Autism
    Autism spectrum disorders now affect one in 150 children, making these perplexing conditions a priority at University Hospital.
  • Collateral Damage
    SUNY Upstate experts make a compelling case for paying serious attention to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
  • From Bench to Barstool
    By chronicling alcohol’s impact on brain development, Michael Miller PhD helps to intercept the legacy of alcohol abuse.
  • Making Sure Health Care Cares
    SUNY Upstate’s new president is a pediatrician by training, a change agent by necessity.
  • Pay It Forward
    A tribute to the late Gregory Keating PhD.

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SUMMER 2006  PDF document
  • What Lies Within?
    With new insights and revolutionary imaging, University Hospital's brain experts tackle brain trauma and disease, while guarding the brain's critical functions.
  • Striking Back
    Prestigious Stroke Center status awarded by the New York State Department of Health confirms that University Hospital treats stroke with the urgency of trauma.
  • Brain Trust
    It takes teams of SUNY Upstate scientists—and decades of research— to stake out and investigate certain territories in the brain.
  • The Concussion Crusade
    University Hospital psychologist Brian Rieger PhD continues to gain ground on concussion, with coordinated clinical services and an ambitious awareness campaign.
  • Change of Course
    An immediate demand for ALS care helped steer Neurology Chair Jeremy Shefner MD/PhD from research lab to clinic. It also inspired him to create an ALS clinical trials research consortium of 60 centers in the Northeast.

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WINTER 2005  PDF document
  • A Better Way
    Fueled by a dramatic increase in NIH funding, psychiatry research at SUNY Upstate is in serious growth mode.
  • To Scan or Not to Scan?
    In a multisite study of 27,000 children with minor head trauma, the Pediatric Emergency Department at University Hospital helps clarify the need for a CT scan.
  • Older But Wiser
    Sharon Brangman MD, chief of geriatrics, asks the U.S. Senate to help keep older Americans professionally active – for their own good, and ours.
  • Wind Beneath Our Wings
    The extraordinary generosity of four donors will lift Upstate’s pediatric and educational facilities to new heights.

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SUMMER 2005  PDF document
(Community Impact Report—Economic Impact:
How SUNY Upstate stimulates the CNY Economy)
  • The Bottom Line
    While high-quality healthcare, education and biomedical research are SUNY Upstate’s chief priorities, it also contributes mightily to CNY’s economic vitality.
  • Leading By Example
    SUNY Upstate often leads the charge in tackling the region’s greatest challenges – health-related and otherwise.

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FALL 2004 (Vol.4 Number 3)  PDF document
  • Her Journey in Her Words
    Retracing the steps of surgical pioneer
    , Patricia J. Numann MD.
  • The Research Factor
    Biomedical research helps make the academic difference.
  • Meeting Headlines Head On
    Tackling high-profile health care issues.
  • Renaissance Spirit
    Students who excel in both arts and sciences.
  • Clinically Speaking

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SPRING 2004 (Vol.4 Number 2)  PDF document
  • Calling Attention to Concussion
    It’s defined as a mild brain injury, but concussion can derail lives and cause long-term damage. University Hospital’s Concussion Management Program, directed by psychologist Brian Rieger PhD, pays serious attention to this low-profile problem.
  • “Preseasoned” Dean of Medicine
    Steven Scheinman MD brings a fresh outlook to his new roles as dean and executive vice president. But after 20 years on campus, the former professor of medicine and chief of nephrology also brings a fine reputation and a seasoned sense of the SUNY Upstate culture.
  • “Doctor” da Vinci Joins Surgical Team
    An anatomically curious but high-functioning surgical robot is now operating at University Hospital. Also known as the da Vinci Surgical System®, the robot works hand in hand with the surgeon, integrating and refining the benefits of minimally invasive and open surgery.
  • New Heights of Spiritual Care
    The arrival of SUNY Upstate’s first full-time spiritual care manager, the Rev. Terry Culbertson, heralds increased emphasis on the spiritual dimensions of healing and the launch of exciting educational initiatives.

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WINTER 2004  PDF document (Vol. 4 Number 1)
  • Not Taking Nursing for Granted
    A noble profession by nature, nursing continues to grow in stature, as hospitals link positive patient outcomes – and bottom lines – to a high caliber of nursing care. In this issue, we examine the art, the science and the business of nursing in a teaching hospital, plus University Hospital’s pursuit of Magnet status from the American Nursing Association.
  • Proteomics: the New Genetics
    With the human genome mapped, SUNY Upstate scientists are focusing on the even-more-elusive challenge of identifying proteins, which give cells their marching orders and are key targets or disrupting disease.
  • Bumper Crop
    In their first year of providing free health care for CNY migrant workers, SUNY Upstate medical students and faculty expected to visit three farms but found a far greater demand for their portable clinics, inspired by Bruce Gould MD ’79.
  • A Room of Their Own
    When the CNY Children’s Hospital at University Hospital opens in 2007, all rooms will be private and family-friendly – one of many reasons CNY has embraced the concept of a children’s hospital.

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