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Best of care cover photo: dad & son
Through the doors of University Hospital pass Central New York’s most challenging patients— enroute to the region’s most advanced and comprehensive health care services. University Hospital—the teaching hospital of CNY’s only academic medical center—offers expertise of exceptional breadth and depth, higher-quality clinical care*—and unique, indispensable services (stamped in these pages with the “Only at Upstate” seal). When it comes to health care—and hospitals—the academic difference makes all the difference.

In a perfect world, there are no life-altering accidents, no medical emergencies, no devastating diagnoses. In the real world, they are routine. In Central New York, University Hospital stands ready to meet these challenges with extraordinary resources. As the patients on these pages demonstrate, University Hospital—the hospital with the academic difference—made all the difference. When life as they knew it was no longer.

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