Software Tools

  • Internet Analysis Tools RegistryExternal Icon - supported by the Human Brain Project
  • MATLABExternal Icon , Image processing toolboxExternal Icon
  • SPMExternal Icon - Statistical Parametric Mapping. SPM2External Icon , SPM5External Icon (current version)
  • Group ICA of fMRI Toolbox (GIFT)External Icon - MATLAB toolbox which implements multiple algorithms for independent component analysis and blind source separation of group (and single subject) functional magnetic resonance imaging data and electro encephalogram data.
  • Analyze 8.1External Icon Visualization and Analysis Software, AnalyzeDirect
  • BrainImageExternal Icon - Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research, Stanford University
  • ImageJExternal Icon - Image Processing and Analysis in Java
  • FSLExternal Icon - FMRIB Software Library, FMRIB Analysis Group, University of Oxford, UK
  • E-PrimeExternal Icon - Psychology Software Tools
  • plinkExternal Icon - Whole genome association analysis toolset