The Interview Day

Our interview day starts the evening pior to your interview with dinner hosted by 2 of our residents.  The residents will either pick up the candidates from the hotel or meet directly at the restaurant of choice.  This is a casual, relaxed atmosphere where applicants can ask questions and get to know some of the residents in our program.  On your interview day, a resident will meet you in the hospital lobby around 8am and take you on a tour of our facilities.  At 9am, the Program Director(s) will present a powerpoint presentation of our program.  Following the presentation, applicants will be escorted to their individual interview.  Each applicant will have a total of 3 interviews with faculty and sometimes a chief or senior resident will participate in interviewing applicants as well.  Each interview is approximately 45 minutes in length. After morning interviews, lunch will be provided and all residents in the program are invited to stop by to answer questions.  After lunch, applicants will have either 1 or 2 more interviews depending on their individual schedule.  The day concludes at either 2 or 3pm.  Click herePDF Icon for a sample itinerary.  

A message from our chiefs:  The interview day at Syracuse

chiefs with mario and andyIn retrospect, the residency interview season was both an exciting and an extremely stressful period.  At times, the amount of information, the number of decisions, and the overall gravity of the process felt overwhelming.  The Upstate interview day and overall interview experience was a nice break from the daily stress of being a medical student and the tension of the residency interview process. The superb organization of the itinerary and the friendliness of the residents and faculty members allowed for a very relaxing experience.  The candor and warmth of the interviewers was particularly striking, as it made me feel that the department was trying to provide me with the most accurate and complete image of the the program and department as a whole.  Though the sixty minute interview slots were initially intimidating, I was amazed at how easily the conversations flowed and how much interest the interviewers expressed in me as a person; it was quite refreshing to be seen as something other than a medical student.  The interview day genuinely felt like an opportunity to learn about the program and I appreciated that everyone was so invested in the interviewees.

As senior residents, we can appreciate that the interest in the integrate person, the encouragement of independent thought, and the concern for the health and wellbeing of trainees are amongst the core values of our department.  These values are the main drivers of change within the department.  We hope that you will consider applying to our residency training program and we wish you the best of luck during this interview season and the entirety of your career as a psychiatrist!


Mario Fahed, MD & Andy Beltran, MD