Curriculum & Clinical Experience

The curriculum & clinical experiences in Syracuse are carefully designed for each resident to take increasing levels of responsibility for care of a complete range of psychiatric patients; to be strongly grounded in Medicine and Neurology, and to appreciate the interface between them and Psychiatry; to experience the excitement and wealth of both the biological and psychosocial areas of Psychiatry and to integrate these appropriately; and to enjoy the art and science (and at times the poetry) of psychiatric practice. Often these treatments need to be integrated for the best possible patient care.

"Some mental illness is genetic and can be attributed to clear biological issues" explains Professor Thomas Schwartz MD '95, who completed his residency at Upstate. "Some of it is learned behavior – if you have a chaotic family, you tend to have a chaotic child. And some of it is due to social stressors: loss of a loved one, loss of job, divorce. A person may be biologically stoic, but given enough stressors…. "So each case is a unique combination of biological, psychological and social factors." Schwartz says. "That's why we're trained in all three approaches."