Combined Residency and MPA Sequence

Psychiatric Residency Combined with a Masters in Public Administration

Our Department has launched an innovative new program which fully integrates a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) degree into our standard four-year residency in Psychiatry. This will allow two physicians entering our program each year to earn an MPA degree and be board- eligible in Psychiatry at the end of four years of training.

If you choose this combined program, you will be formally enrolled at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, which U.S. News and World Report has consistently rated as the best graduate school for public administration in the country. They have agreed to accept your MCAT scores in lieu of the GREs. You will take exactly the same classes and fulfill all the requirements as regular MPA students. You will also fulfill all the requirements to be board eligible in Psychiatry, which in our program at Syracuse includes a three year course in long-term therapy, a six to eight month course in Brief Therapy, and a two and one-half year course in neurosciences/ psychopharmacology.

We perceive an increasing need for psychiatrists to be both well trained and interested in taking on leadership positions. Our intention is to identify a steady stream of physicians interested in psychiatric administration at the highest levels and then to provide them with the very best education in public administration through the Maxwell School along with a superb biopsychosocially oriented residency in psychiatry. We expect that these psychiatrists will go on to provide clinical-administrative leadership at the departmental, county, and state level or be influential in policy making bodies, such as "think tanks" or federal agencies.