The Upstate Medical University Psychiatry Department encompasses:

  • 105 Psychologists
  • 136 Psychiatrists
  • 5 Social Workers
  • 3 Nurse Practitioners

Interns have contact with many of these professionals during the training year. Psychology faculty most centrally involved with intern supervision are listed below.

Psychology Full-time Faculty

Roger Greenberg, Phd.

Roger P. Greenberg, PhD, ABMP

Fellow and Diplomate American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, Distinguished Professor
Head, Division of Clinical Psychology,
Director of Internship Training

2016 APA Career Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training
2011 Recipient of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers  (APPIC) Award for Excellence in Psychology Training


Michael MillerMichael Miller, PhD

Assistant Directorof Psychology Internship Training
Associate Professor
Co-Director of Student Counseling Services




Ron Saletsky, PhD

Ron Saletsky, PhD

Chief Child Psychologist
Associate Professor Child Psychiatry and Pediatrics Coordinator of Child Psychology Internship Training
Psychologist, ENHANCE Foster Care Program

Wendy Gordon, PhD

Wendy Gordon, PhD

Clinical Professor
Director, Child Abuse Project and Juvenile Trauma Center

Richard O'Neill

Richard M. O'Neill, PhD, ABPP

Diplomate in Clinical Psychology

Paula Trief

Paula Trief, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine,
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development

Holly Vanderhoff

Holly Vanderhoff, PhD

Assistant Professor
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Co-Director of Student Counseling Services

Active Clinical/Voluntary, Adjunct Faculty

Clinical Professor

  • Jay M. Land, PhD, ABPP, ABPH-CH

Clinical Associate Professor

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical Instructor