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Dedicated to enhance overall productivity for individuals and groups by identifying high performers with clear visions and enabling competent decision making. Our toolbox comprises of several techniques including core technology based on over 40 years of robust research and benchmarked data on over 20,000 leaders across the globe.

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Organizations across the world in every sector face increasing pressure to perform consistently to high levels. Success is judged by multiple and sometimes conflicting criteria which reflect the specific needs of diverse stake holders. Both academicians and practitioners now agree that leadership effectiveness is a significant contributory factor to the success of organizations of all kinds. Research into leadership effectiveness has a long history. Only recently, however, has it begun to reflect fully the demands placed on leaders by the modern environment. A variety of forces (such as economic globalization, technological innovation, customer sophistication, human population explosion and climatic turbulence) mean that the modern world is substantially more dynamic and complex than ever before. Hence, it has been argued that the modern business environment is characterized by VUCAD – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and delayed feedback. This environment characterized by complexity requires a different mode of decision making in organizations.

The IDEAL institute has been designed to meet the challenges of today's dynamic environment by empowering organizations with effective decision makers who can maximize their potential and carve a path of success and productivity within their organizations.

Our Offers

Strategic Management Simulation (SMS) based evaluations and training techniques

SMS protocols evaluate the capacity of individuals to function in complex environment both as individuals and as teams. SMS measures a broad range of performance indicators. Based on the evaluations, individuals and groups attain an in-depth knowledge of their abilities. Significant training opportunities are available based on this focused and timely feedback.

Systems-Centered Training (SCT®)

SCT teaches participants how to see and create a culture of responsible engagement with the goals of the organization. Participants learn specific, simple, powerful methods for improving team operations and communications in order to increase productivity, reduce conflict, and improve cooperation amongst team members to respond to market needs.

All IDEAL tools are offered in several convenient formats:

  • Individual and group assessment and training
  • Retreats: To engage decision makers in experiential and interactive exercises designed to enhance understanding of core mission and value concepts
  • Workshops: Designed as training experiences which focus on enhancing / developing decision making skills.
  • Happy hours: Provides an opportunity for leaders to reflect upon and innovate around specific themes