Didactic Curriculum

Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship Lecture Series Overview

Introduction to Consultation—Liaison Psychiatry Dr. Koss
Eating Disorders Dr. Manring
Aggression and Agitation Dr. Alao
Delirium Dr. Koss
Somatization and Somatoform Disorders Dr. Gregory
Pregnancy Dr. Soderberg
Sociology of the Medical System and the Hospital Dr. Daly
Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety in Medically Ill Patients Dr. Schwartz
Behavioral Modification and Psychotherapeutic Techniques for the Medically Ill Dr. Trief
P450 Enzymes Interaction Dr. Ghaly
C/L Administration Dr. Koss
Oncology Dr. Huober
Intensive Care Units Dr. Huober
Death and Dying Dr. Huober
HIV Disease/AIDS Dr. Alao
The Emergency Department Dr. Leso
Substance Abuse Disorders Dr. Batki
Family Dynamics in the Medically Ill Dr. Keith
Psychopharmacology and Pharmacokinetics for Patients with Concurrent Medical/Surgical Illness Dr. Schwartz
Suicidality Dr. Alao
Affective Disorder Dr. Alao
Sleep Disorders Dr. Alao
Psychiatric Symptoms Manifested by Non-Psychiatric Pharmacologic Agents Dr. Alao
Psychiatric Manifestations of Systemic Diseases Dr. Huober
Techniques of Consultation and Lliaison Emphasizing Different Models of Consultation and Mechanisms by Which to Communicate One's Findings Dr. Koss
Personality Disorder in Psychosomatic Medicine Dr. Gregory
Dementia Dr. Brangman
Neurology and Neurosurgery Dr. Giaccio
Gender Specific Disorders Including Premenstrual Syndrome, Disorders Related to Pregnancy, Menopause and Sexual Issues Including Dysfunction Dr. Soderberg
Medico-Legal Aspects of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Dr. Ward