Health Careers Undergraduate Program Open House

November 4, 2017 and March 24, 2018

The November 4th and March 24th Open House programs will highlight the Bachelor Degree (undergraduate) programs at SUNY Upstate Medical University.  Our open house offers high school and college students, parents, counselors, teachers, college faculty, and others the opportunity to learn more about Upstate’s undergraduate health care degree programs.  Participants will have a choice of program presentations: 

Open House Schedule

9:00 Arrival Weiskotten Hall Lobby
9:00-9:45 Program Exhibits
9:45-10:00 Welcome
10:00-10:15 Financial Aid Overview
10:15-11:00 Admissions Overview
11:15-12:15-Program Presentations
12:15-Campus Tour (optional)

Program Presentations

Each participant will select the individual program presentation of their choice. 

Campus Tour

At the close of the program presentations, Upstate students will conduct optional tours.  Casual attire and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Early Admissions

Learn more about the early admission programs for high school seniors. 

Topics to be Discussed by Professionals

  • Job entry requirements
  • Job responsibilities
  • Entry level salaries
  • Career ladder mobility
  • Volunteer and observational experience

Sponsored by SUNY Upstate Medical University’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

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