Meet the Admissions & Financial Aid Staff

If you have questions about applying to Upstate and would like to speak with a member of the Office of Student Admissions, please contact us directly.

Jennifer Welch, Associate Dean of Admissions
Jennifer Welch
Associate Dean of
Admissions and
Financial Aid and
Chief Enrollment

Barbara-Ann Goodwin, Admissions Assistant
Barbara-Ann Mitchell
Director of Operations
and Enrollment

Krystal Smith, Coordinator of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions & MD/PhD Program Coordinator
Krystal Ripa
Director of Special
Admissions Programs/

Vanessa Decker, Admissions Advisor
Vanessa Decker
Director of

Isabelle Appler
Isabelle Appler
Associate Director of

Tanya Milazzo, Financial Aid Advisor
Tanya Milazzo
Associate Director of
Financial Aid

Wendy Meyer-Wilson, Sr. Asst. Director of Admissions
Wendy Meyer
Senior Asst. Director
of Admissions

Gabriela Lozanova, Assistant Director of Admissions
Gabriela Lozanova
Assistant Director
of Admissions

Mike Adamo, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Mike Adamo
Assistant Director of
Financial Aid

Amy Abernatha, Assistant Director of Admissions
Amy Abernatha
Assistant Director of

Maggie Moore, Admissions Advisor
Maggie Moore
Admissions Advisor/

Donna Vavonese, Director of Admissions
Donna Vavonese
Admissions Advisor

Jim Rugg, Application Processor
Jim Rugg
Admissions and
Financial Aid
Application Processor

Diane Kallfelz, Secretary
Diane Kallfelz
Admissions and
Financial Aid 
Application Processor

Carolyn Couch, Data Management Coord.
Carolyn Couch
Data Management

Towana Davis, Staff Assistant
Towana Davis
Admissions and
Financial Aid
Support Staff

Rita Trusievitz, Support Staff
Rita Trusievitz
Admissions and
Financial Aid
Support Staff