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A mammogram is an examination that uses x-rays to visualize the breast tissue. University Radiology Associates at University Health Care Center (UHCC) has the state-of-the-art GE digital mammography unit. The facility is accredited by the American College of Radiology, and approved by the FDA.

A technologist who is specially certified in mammography performs the examination. The routine examination consists of two different views of each breast. The breast is positioned on the machine and a paddle will slowly compress the breast until it is firm. The exposure is made and the compression is released.

These images are later reviewed by a radiologist who is specially certified in mammography. At times, the radiologist requests that additional views be obtained or that an ultrasound examination is performed, in order to better visualize a specific area. When additional views are requested, a radiologist will be on site to discuss the findings with the patient.

A report is then sent to the physician, and a letter is sent to each patient to convey the results.