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Do I need an authorization to get an MRI ?

Answer: Most insurance carriers and HMOs require an authorization for an MRI. It's best to check with your insurance carrier before having the MRI done.

How much of my bill will Medicare Pay and am I responsible for the difference?

Answer: Medicare pays 80% of their approved amount and you are responsible for the 20%. If you have secondary insurance, we will bill it directly. If you have no other insurance, we will send you the bill.

Do you validate parking?

Answer: We validate parking at Harrison for MRI, CT, Interventional procedures, PET, PEM, Arthograms, and Biopsies. Parking is NOT validated at University Hospital.

What does a technologist do?

Answer: The technologists are trained to properly position patients for each diagnostic procedure and to operate the corresponding diagnostic equipment.

What is a Radiologist?

Answer: A Radiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnostic radiology.