What You Need to Know: On Campus

Upstate's Child Care Center

Driving & Parking

Campus Buildings and Map

Campus Activities

  • Campus Activities
    Upstate offers many social, cultural and recreational opportunities.


  • University Police
    Upstate's University Police Division and Public Safety Division provide protection on campus and work with other law enforcement agencies in the area.

Work/Life Balance (Employee Health Office)

  • Health and Work/Life Balance
    Our university believes in a healthy balance of work life and personal life. Various resources and services are in place, on and off campus, to help ensure your well-being and enrich your life.


  • Nutritional Services
    There are three campus cafeterias; they are located on the second floor of University Hospital, on the ninth floor of Weiskotten Hall and in the Campus Activities Building. A pre-paid debit card plan is available.

Postdoc Profiles

Reyna Martinez-De Luna PhD

"I chose Upstate because I was very impressed with the Center for Vision Research..." [read more…]


"Upstate was the place for me to come to conduct the research in electrophysiology that I am interested in." [read more…]