Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment Process

Postdoctoral Fellow

Step 1:

The Academic Fellowship Form must be completed. If a fellowship award is supported by Public Health Service (PHS) training grant funds, then additional PHS forms may be required to be submitted to PHS before the fellow's appointment date. (Academic Fellowship form available by contacting Research Payroll.)

The Academic Fellowship Form is used to certify, acknowledge, or accept various terms and conditions of the award. The certification, acknowledgement, or acceptance is accomplished when the responsible person signs and dates the form.

The following table describes the requirements of each person responsible:

Person Responsible: Required to:
Project Director or Co-director Certify that the award is permissible within the terms stated by the sponsor.
Operations Manager or Designee Certify that the award is permissible within the terms stated by the sponsor and is consistent with RF and SUNY policies.
Certify that services are not required of the awardee and that funds are available in the applicable account for the award.
Fellow Acknowledge that no service is required in consideration of the stipend provided by the award and that the fellow is subject to the University's academic policies applying to fellowship recipients.
Accept the Patent Waiver and Release Agreement as a condition of the academic fellowship award.

Step 2:

Is a J-1 visa required? If yes, please contact Mary Jo Dinuzzo:

Step 3:

Send Fellow to the Human Resources Office for completion of additional paperwork and issuance of an ID badge.

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