National Postdoctoral Association's Quick Guide to Visas

There are many variables involved in the process for residents of other countries to obtain a postdoctoral appointment in the United States. The National Postdoctoral Association web site provides generalized information, questions and answers, and links to other sources of information.

Information on J-1 and H-1B visas can be found by clicking on the "J-1 Visa" and "H-1B Visa" tabs located at the left of the page, as well as on the NPA site: A Quick Guide to Visas

Postdoc Profiles

Reyna Martinez-De Luna PhD

"I chose Upstate because I was very impressed with the Center for Vision Research..." [read more…]


"Upstate was the place for me to come to conduct the research in electrophysiology that I am interested in." [read more…]