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  • 2009PDF Icon: "Dead Men Tell Tall Tales": The Issue of Post-Mortem Redistribution, "When Does Exposure Become Poisoning": The Case of Methyl Mercury, Beware of Medication Errors - They Can Happen When You Least Expect it!, Hydroxocobalamin for Cyanide Poisoning
  • 2008PDF Icon: Local Caustic Exposures, Transdermal Medications for Systemic Use?, Acute Ingestion of Unknown Drugs?, DRESS Syndrome
  • 2007PDF Icon: Local Anesthetic Toxicity, Antidote: How Much is Enough?, A "Duster" Inhalation Exposure with Drugs Leads to Death?, Methotrexate Poisoning
  • 2006PDF Icon: Symptomatic Hypoglycemia, FLowers, Bulbs and Toxins, A Fatal Ingestion, Isoniazid Poisoning
  • 2005PDF Icon: A Fatal Drug Interaction, Poisonous Plants in New York State, A Comatose Patient With a Mixed Overdose, Diethylene Glycol and Neurologic Toxicity
  • 2004PDF Icon: Chemical Agents of Opportunity by Terrorists, Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose and New Treatment Options, A Life-Threatening Ingestion
  • 2003PDF Icon: Acute Salicylate Toxicity, Local Anesthetic Toxicity, Poisonous Snakebite and the New Antivenin
  • 2002PDF Icon: Differentiating Poisoning Versus Medical Problems, Discontinuation Reactions Associated With Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Tricyclic Antidepressants, Sudden Dealth in a Healthy Thirteen Year Old Adolescent After Acute Inhalation of Gasoline
  • 2001PDF Icon: Breathless Farmers and Hockey Players, Dilemma in Gastrointestinal Decontamination, Severe Metabolic Acidosis
  • 2000PDF Icon: Where are the life-threats?, Hypoglycemic Poisoning, Heat Illness, Update on Rave and Club Drugs
  • 1999PDF Icon: Drug Interactions and The Cytochrome P450 Isoenzyme, A day in the Life of a Poison Information Specialist (well...10 minutes), The Trouble With Picnics
  • 1998PDF Icon: Toxic Alcohols, Toxic Plants, Toxic Fumes
  • 1997PDF Icon: Cardiac Poisons, Iron Poisoning Flintstones Revenge, Inhalation Emergency, Acetaminophen
  • 1996PDF Icon: Anesthesia Emergency, Am I Blue?, Vacation Emergency, Beware of The "Fascinoma"