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The majority of poisonings throughout the nation, involve children under the age of 5.

Children are naturally curious, as it is their way of learning about the world around them. Unfortunately, children put almost everything they see and touch in their mouths, even if it doesn't smell or taste good. Ingestion is the number one cause of poisoning in children. Other poisoning can be dermal (on the skin), ocular (in the eye), respiratory, due to inhalation, or bites or stings.

It is easier to dial 1-800-222-1222 than to "Google" your poison question. Call the Poison Center for an accurate response to your poison question.

Poisoning Facts

Of the calls to the Poison Center

  • 43% of calls involve children under the age of 5
  • 78% do not require a visit to a doctor or hospital
  • 15% are for information only

How Do Poisonings Happen?

Most poisonings are unintentional. They often occur…
  • When a product is in use
  • When a product is taken out of the original container
  • When the product looks, smells or tastes good to a child

Poison Prevention

Always have the number for the Poison Center close by. Take time to program your cell phone with the number for the Poison Center.

Poison Center 1-800-222-1222

To help prevent poisonings before they happen download our Free Materials

Look-Alike Teaching Tools are available for purchase or on loan (free) for teachers, daycare providers and caregiver groups interested in poison prevention.

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