Webinars are offered through the Poison Center on an ongoing basis and are listed at our website. The invitation links, listed next to the webinar allows any interested party the opportunity to view the webinar either during the presentation or after the event as an archived version. Although each webinar will have specific educational objectives for an identified audience, the overall aim of the webinars is to increase awareness of the selected poison related topics and expand the knowledge base of the intended audience.

Poison Education Webinar for Public Health Educators at Health Departments

Please note there is a slight delay of 20 seconds before the webinar starts. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Who should attend: Educators, instructors, parents

Learning Objectives:

  • Incorporate poison prevention education into current Health Department public education programs
  • Identify poison awareness programs that can be used to conduct outreach activities
  • Describe the public education tools that the UNYPC provides for health educators
  • Navigate the UNYPC website to access the public education tools