Welcome to the Children's Environmental Health Center

Contact Information:
Donna Bacchi, MD, MPH, Center Director
Phone: 315-464-1520
Email: cehc@upstate.edu

The Upstate Children’s Environmental Health Center is part of network of state funded Centers of Excellence that work to discover the environmental causes of disease in children and to translate scientific research into public policies and practical solutions that protect children’s health. The Center provides services to eight counties in Central New York and works closely with the Upstate Poison Center to address concerns related to children’s environmental health.

Although children are living longer and we have made major strides in improving the environment where children live and play, such as safer drinking water and less exposure to deadly infectious diseases, they are suffering from a growing number of chronic diseases, for many of which there is growing evidence that environmental factors are involved.  Asthma is on the rise due to exposure to secondhand smoke, mold and air pollutants. Developmental Disorders, such as ADHD, lead poisoning, childhood cancers and obesity are becoming increasing liked with environmental causes. Most chemicals in use today both in the household and other places children congregate have never been tested for safety in children. Most Pediatricians and Family Physicians are not comfortable addressing such environmental exposures and rely on these Centers to help address them.

Upstate Children’s Environmental Health Center provides training to medical providers, nurses and other public health professionals on various environmental threats to children. It strives to educate children, parents, teachers, children’s agencies, policy-makers and the public in their regions of New York State about environmental threats to children’s health and will empower New Yorkers in all regions of the State to take action against environmental hazards. The Center has a resource guide PDF Icon for professionals to use with families to prevent environmental exposures such as carbon monoxide, lead, environmental tobacco smoke.