About the Career

24 hours a day? 365 days a year, we are available to both health care professionals and the general public.

What is the Upstate New York Poison Center?

  • Poison Emergency Telephone Management
  • Poison Information Resources
  • Public Education
  • Professional Education
  • Research and Data Collection
  • Toxicosurveillance in Real Time

Who Will Answer My Call?

Every caller receives professional expert service.

  • Calls are answered by Specialists in Poison Information (SPIs), registered nurses and pharmacists trained in toxicology
  • Specialists provide the most efficient and up-to-date poison information available
  • Physicians and toxicologists are on-call 24 hours a day for consultation purposes
  • Other specialists are available for consultation

How Do We Help?

Each year our center manages over 80,000 calls from health care providers, 911 operators, hospitals, industry, schools, and the general public in our 54-county service area. Of these calls:

  • 85% are unintentional poisonings
  • 43% involve children under age 5
  • 15% are for information only
  • 31% come from healthcare facilities
  • AND, most importantly, 82% can be managed over the phone and do not require a visit to a doctor and/or a hospital

Why Centralized Service?

Poison Centers save money while saving lives. Research conducted by the US Department of Health and Human Services and its National Center for Disease Control has concluded that

  • For every $1 spent on poison centers, $7 in medical costs are saved
  • The average cost to the health care system of a poisoning exposure call is $31.28, while the average cost, if other parts of the medical system are involved in a poisoning emergency, is $932

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