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Disability & Health Research Team

Disability Integration Toolkit 

The Disability Integration Toolkit (DIT) provides resources to help integrate disability related
content into medical education.

Disability Integration Toolkit Logic Model

Design Process

Each of the tools in the Disability Integration Toolkit has been designed by the Disability and Health Research Team, or in collaboration with one of our partners. Our goal is to create educational tools that can be easily integrated into the medical school curriculum, which are academically appropriate, contain accurate information about disability, emphasize medical knowledge and skills, and represent people with disability in a respectful and inclusive way. We work closely with clinical experts and experienced health professionals whose insight informs our clinical modules and educational tools. Each of our products contain documentation identifying the people responsible for their development and its review.

For more on integrating disability into the medical school curriculum and the rationale underlying our design process, please review the webinar we presented to the AAMC in partnership with the Group on Diversity and Inclusion:

Integrating Disability into Medical School Curriculum: Practical Strategies & Resources

Review & Evaluation

The evaluation process for the Disability Integration Toolkit ensures that each of the tools on this site have been reviewed and modified based on feedback from clinical experts who are independent from the development and team. To accomplish this, we have partnered with the Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP). Our partnership with the AAP helps us to ensure that our tools are accurate and up-to-date, and meet the educational needs of medical students with respect to disability. Each tool is evaluated in terms of its content and its instructional design. Reviewers are also asked to provide any recommendations for modifications. The full evaluation tool can be viewed online, and is linked below.

DIT Evaluation

Please contact Dr. Margaret A. Turk at TurkM@upstate.edu with any questions regarding the evaluation process, or if you are a clinician and would like to partner with us to design a tool.