PGY-2 Geriatrics Residency

A message from our PGY-2 Geriatrics Pharmacy Residency Program Director


"My goal for this program is to expose the pharmacy resident to every aspect of geriatric care in several advanced pharmacy practice areas. Our geriatrics program strives to help the elderly patient from a pharmacotherapy perspective in many phases of care: from emergency room admission, stabilization of disease state, to outpatient management in specialized clinics. On a personal level, the relationships that develop between patient and provider make our interventions meaningful and professionally rewarding.  Upon completion of the program, the resident will be well-versed in the full spectrum of care and able to carry that knowledge forward into a multitude of career settings. With the booming geriatric population, these experiences will enable them to help guide pharmacy practice as it adapts to the emerging needs of this growing patient population."

-Kelly Braham, PharmD, BCGP

Educational Program Overview:

The PGY-2 Geriatrics Pharmacy Residency offers PGY-1 residency graduates the ability to transition to independent practitioners as they provide comprehensive care for geriatric patients in each phase of care. The wide variety of practice settings allows the residents to develop skills in each practice area while developing a thorough understanding of geriatric pharmacotherapy.

The residency is co-funded by Upstate and the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at SUNY Binghamton. Through this relationship, residents not only have the opportunity to work in a variety of long-term care areas but also to teach at the school and precept students, in addition to a number of other teaching opportunities.

The aim of the research in the residency is to provide a sustainable quality improvement project or initiative for the geriatric population in a practice area of the resident’s choice. Additional research opportunities are available based on level of interest and are fostered by both Upstate and SUNY Binghamton’s School of Pharmacy.  These research projects are designed to be publishable.

Residents will also be involved in a number of teaching and learning opportunities including: geriatric journal club, geriatric emergency medicine rounds, grand rounds, clinical pharmacy rounds, in-service presentations, and co-precepting of APPE students

Residency Program Highlights:
  1. General Geriatric Pharmacotherapy
  2. Geriatric Emergency Medicine
  3. Ambulatory Care
  4. Long Term Care
  5. Transitions of Care
  6. Multiple Teaching Opportunities
  7. Medication Therapy Management
  8. Consultant Pharmacy
  9. Medication Reconciliation
  10. Discharge Counseling