The IDS Service is open:
Monday through Friday
7:00 am to 3:30 pm.
Location: UH 5709

Please call to schedule an appointment.

IDS Coordinators:
Melissa Reale
Phone: 315.464.4205

Wendy Barry
Phone: 315.464.4287

Fax: 315.464.4313

After-hours, holidays and weekends:

Main (UH) Pharmacy
Phone: 315.464.4210

Alternative contact information:

Chris Miller
Phone: 315.464.4214

Cancer Center Pharmacy
Phone: 315.464.8339


Billing and Fee Schedule

The Pharmacy Service Fees and Medication Preparation Fees are non-negotiable fees that are retained by the Pharmacy Department to pay for the cost of pharmacy services.

Investigational Drug Service Fee Schedule

Study Type


Prep Fees

Commercial Sponsored Trial, including sponsored cooperative group trials

$2,000 annually

$25/Rx nonsterile
$75/Rx sterile
$125/Rx chemo sterile
$250/yr Compliance *

Childrens Oncology Group sponsored trials

$1,500 at startup


Cooperative group trial with identified funding for IDS

$1,000 annually

$25/Rx nonsterile
$75/Rx sterile
$125/Rx chemo sterile
$250/yr Compliance *

Cooperative group trial WITHOUT funding for IDS



PI Initiated + grant

$1,000 annually

$25/Rx nonsterile
$75/Rx sterile
$125/Rx chemo sterile
$250/yr Compliance *

PI Initiated, NO grant



The Pharmacy Service Fee includes:

  • Assistance in execution of the scientific, clinical and administrative functions of drug research.
  • Assurance that drug studies are conducted in a safe, effective and efficient manner.
  • Assure compliance with all federal, state and IRB regulations concerning medication used on investigational studies.
  • Dispensing and labeling of medications used on investigational studies.
  • Completion of study medication accountability records.
  • Ordering and maintenance of study medications and supplies.
  • Storage of study medications and supplies.
  • Assist in the investigation and reporting of adverse drug reactions.
  • On-site medication destruction (if needed) of investigational materials.
  • Storage of all clinical study pharmacy records after study closure.
  • Review, supervision and monitoring of medications related to the study.

Compliance Oversight Fee (studies not utilizing Pharmacy) = $250/year.


New Study

At the start of the study, the initial Annual Pharmacy Fee will be budgeted along with other initial start-up fees such as the IRB fee. The Pharmacy research team will meet with the study coordinator to determine which services will be needed, along with any other medication and supplies costs necessary. These charges will be included in the budget for the study.

Ongoing Study

Annual Pharmacy Fees will be billed annually. Preparation fees will be billed on an on-going basis throughout the course of the study.

*See the Regulatory Requirements section for further information.