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Katalin Banki, MD, Director
Phone: 315 464-6790

Steve Gwilt, Supervisor
Phone: 315 464-6840

The Core Laboratory offers a comprehensive range of routine and specialized services. Full consultative services are available in the evaluation of hemoglobinopathies, coagulopathies, platelet abnormalities, toxicology, hormone levels, and tumor markers. Routine clinical services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NEW - VerifyNow Aspirin, P2Y12, and GPIIbIIIa Tests

Three new tests have been added to assess platelet response to anti-platelet therapy.

The assays are simple whole blood tests to measure the effectiveness of aspirin and P2Y12 and GPIIbIIIa inhibitors. The tests could benefit patients with acute coronary syndromes and those undergoing cardiac intervention or on daily aspirin or clopidogrel therapy.

The tests can be ordered by the following names:

VerifyNowP2Y12 (Plavix response)
VerifyNowASPIRIN (Aspirin response)
VerifyNow2B3A (2B3A inhibitor response)

Therapeutic response - Patient response to anti-platelet drugs is variable. Up to 25% of patients do not respond to aspirin and up to 30% of patients on Plavix have low levels of receptor blockade.

Surgical Screen - Patients on anti-platelet medications are at risk of increased bleeding during surgery and may be tested to evaluate the platelet function. Test results may aid in decisions to delay surgery or use platelet transfusion if surgery cannot be postponed.

Results Reporting


P2Y12 reactivity: Platelets are activated through the P2Y12 receptor. High PRU (Platelet Reactivity Unit) indicates poor response to the P2Y12 inhibitor.

Baseline platelet reactivity: Platelets are activated through another recepter; this is not influenced by the presence of P2Y12 inhibitors.

%P2Y12 inhibition: Calculated from the above measurements. Used prior to surgery to access the return of platelet function after discontinuation of a P2T12 inhibitor. < 20% inhibition is associated with a decreased risk of bleeding.


An estimate of platelet dysfunction due to aspirin. Reported in Aspirin Reaction Units (ARU).


An estimate of the GPIIbIIIa (2B3A) blockade. < 31 PAU (Platelet Aggregation Unit) indicates at least 80% inhibition of the receptor. < 10 PAU indicates at least 95% inhibition.

Collection and Transport

Special collection tubes are required and there are strict collection, timing, and transporting requirments. Call the Hematology Laboratory at 315-464-6830 to obtain tubes and instructions. These tests are offered 24/7.

Suggested Testing Times:

Clopidogrel  5-7 days on maintenance
  4-6 hours post bolus 
Aspirin 2-30 hours post dose
GPIIbIIIa inhibitors 10 minutes post bolus