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Physical Medicine at Bone & Joint Center
Upstate Bone and Joint Center
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Suite 200
6620 Fly Road, East Syracuse, NY 13057
Phone: 315 464-8762
Fax: 315 464-8775
Office Hours: 8am to 4:30pm

The Musculo-skeletal Science Research Center (MSRC) occupies 10,000 square feet on the 3rd floor of the Institute for Human Performance. There are currently seven research faculty and numerous research staff, graduate students, and fellows based in the labs. In addition, clinical faculty and residents from Upstate Orthopedics are also engaged in research at the MSRC.

Mechanical Testing Frames:

3 multi-axial MTS servo-hydraulic frames, two single axis screw driven test frames, custom servo-hydraulic wrist simulator, knee simulators

Biomechanical Measurement Systems:

Tekscan pressure measurement, Flock of Birds and Polhemus and Polaris 6 dof motion measurement, Cyberglove hand motion systems, Kistler force plates, DVRT's, extensometers, LVDT's, crack and strain gage signal conditioners

Clinical Musculo-skeletal Imaging:

Fluoroscan C-arm, 2 Portable x-ray units, Dyonics and Linvatec arthroscopy systems, Radiostereometric Analysis (RSA) facility

Clinical Bone Densitometry

Stratec XCT2000 peripheral quantitative CT scanner, Lunar & Hologic DXA bone densitometers

Small Animal Bone Imaging:

/CT40, Kodak Imaging Station 4000MM Pro fluorescent tissue imager. PMMA, frozen or paraffin sections are imaged with Nikon epifluorescent microscopes with Polaroid & SPOT cameras.

Cell and Molecular Biology:

Two tissue culture facilites and separate facilities for protein and gene analysis are equipped with a Kodak Imaging Station 4000MM Pro (for DNA gels and luminescent and fluorescent Western blots), a Turner Biosystems Modulus II Microplate Reader (absorbance, fluorescent and luminescent assays), an ABI Prism 7000 qPCR, a Labconco vacuum lyophilizer, thermocyclers and a Nikon inverted fluorescent microscope mounted with a ColdSnap HG2 CCD camera.

Specialized Software:

3D Studiomax, Geomagic, MIMICS, Patran and MARC finite element software