Calendar of Events

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11/21/2014 7:00am Basic Science "Biomaterials"
11/22/2014 8:00am Journal Club - Foot & Ankle
11/24/2014 6:30am Spine Conference "Lumbar Disc Herniation"
11/24/2014 7:00am Spine "Lumbar Disc Herniation"
11/26/2014 8:00am "Radial Head Arthroplasty"
12/1/2014 7:00am Spine Conference "Cervical and Lumbar Physical Exam"
12/2/2014 7:00am Morbidity & Mortality Conference
Case Presentations
12/3/2014 7:00am Trauma Conference "Implant Failure: What can we learn from it?
12/4/2014 6:00am Pediatrics "Gait Analysis"
12/5/2014 7:00am Research Conference "PGY 2&3 Research Project Selection"
12/8/2014 7:00am Spinal Conference "Spinal Tumors"
12/9/2014 7:00am Radiology Conference "Top 10 Keys to Radiology"- Hal Cohen, MD
12/10/2014 7:00am Trauma Conference "Managing Fracture Non-Union"
12/11/2014 7:00am Hand Conference "Nerve Compression"
12/12/2014 7:00am Basic Science Conference "Lower Limb Orthotics"
12/15/2014 7:00am Spine Conference "Adoleschent Idiopathic Scoliosis Part 2"
12/17/2014 7:00am Trauma Conference "Orthopaedic Infection 1: Early Infection"
12/18/2014 7:00am Pediatrics "Cerebral Palsy"
12/19/2014 7:00am Pathology Conference
12/22/2014 7:00am Spine "Spinal Osteomyelitis/Infections"
12/23/2014 6:30am Sports "Shoulder Instability"
12/24/2014 7:00am Trauma Conference "Orthopaedic Infection 2: Chronic Osteomyelitis"
12/29/2014 7:00am Spine "Spinal Anatomy"
12/31/2014 7:00am Trauma "Bioskills 3: External Fixation"