Quality Improvement/Perinatal Safety Site Visit

For this visit, the team from the Regional Perinatal Center will consist of a member of the Maternal/Fetal Medicine team, as well as the Statewide Perinatal Data System and Quality Improvement/Perinatal Safety Coordinators. Affiliate hospital staff in attendance will be the Chief of OB-GYN or his/her designee, Perinatal Nurse manager, Birth Records Coordinator and data entry staff as well as the Quality Assurance/Improvement and Perinatal Safety Committee Chairs. Functions to be carried out will include:

  • Review of the hospital’s Statewide Perinatal Data System annual report from the previous year.
  • Report/analysis by the Regional Center’s SPDS Coordinator of the hospital’s SPDS report in comparison with the region-wide report, other hospitals’ data and national standards.
  • Review of two Perinatal Quality Improvement analyses done by the affiliate hospital in the prior year. One of these is to be done in collaboration with the Regional Center.
  • Review of ongoing Perinatal Safety Initiatives and indicators at the Regional Perinatal Center as well as at the affiliate hospital.
  • Review of at least one Guideline regarding an aspect of perinatal care, developed by the Regional Center for application throughout the Regional Program.
  • Assistance by Regional Perinatal Center to the Affiliate hospital’s Perinatal Quality Improvement/Safety team in implementing a proactive program of perinatal safety.