SUNY Upstate Regional Perinatal Center offers a groundbreaking model of care for women with diabetes in pregnancy

This program has been made possible by a generous grant from the march of Dimes.

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life. SUNY Upstate Regional Perinatal Center (RPC) understands the importance of this event and the challenges faced by women with medically complex pregnancies. Women know that diabetes management is challenging. We have developed a specialized prenatal care program for eligible women with diabetes in pregnancy. Centering Pregnancy™ is used in many obstetric and midwifery care centers internationally and throughout the United States. The Regional Perinatal Center is developing this model of care to provide comprehensive, unhurried, personal and family centered care that focuses on the mother's health assessment, education and support. Mothers will be supported in understanding how to manage their glucose levels, control weight gain, manage discomforts in pregnancy and plan for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Centering will help facilitate effective maternal self-management skills and support healthy lifestyle practices. The program is beneficial for first time and experienced mothers.