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Inpatient Dietitians

  • Ryan Knarr, MS, RD, CDN -Clinical Nutrition Manager 464-4304
  • Rebecca Lustig MA, RDN--- 2N, 9F, 9E 11E (Temporary Coverage of 10G)
  • Catherine Benson RD, CSP, CNSC--- 12F, 12E1, 12E3, 11G (Temporary Coverage 9G)
  • Mary Timmons, RD --- 6H, 6I, 6K, 10E (Temporary Coverage 10G)
  • Ken Graniero MS, RDN--- 7U 5A, 8G, 8F, 4B (Temporary Coverage 10G)
  • Megan Burrell MS, RDN--- 6A, 6B, 7A, 10H
  • Ashley Russo RDN, CDN --- 5B, 6E, 8E (Temporary Coverage 9G)
  • TBA
  • TBA

Should you need a dietitian on the weekend, you can page them at (315) 441-1211.