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Welcome to the Quality Improvement Area!

As part of Nursing’s continued commitment to keeping our patients the central focus of our daily work lives, we are vigorously involved in quality improvement initiatives that measure and improve the outcomes of those we care for.

It is our goal as a department to provide the best quality care possible. In order to do that we are always seeking out opportunities to improve upon what we do. Through the use of a consistent method in our process of addressing quality we can do the greatest sharing of our knowledge and and enhancement of patient care across the department and organization. This involves the use of standardized forms for documentation so we can communicate with the same quality improvement "language" while also streamlining our efforts and minimizing redundancy across all areas of nursing.

 Our improvement methods are based on the IHI Model for Improvement as the foundation for supporting consistency and accelerating improvement initiatives. This model has been used quite successfully by hundreds of organizations in many countries to improve outcomes and processes.  

There are numerous projects happening at any given time between our two campuses. If you are interested in anything or wish to learn more please contact us!