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How to Get Involved

Transformational Leadership (TL)

  • Share your ideas for improvement with nursing leadership
  • Include nurse leaders in organizational committees
  • Mentor nurses
  • Prepare a succession plan for your role
  • Participate in the Upstate Leadership Academy
  • Invite nurse leaders to shadow you in your department
  • Submit your ideas to Upstate Idea Link
  • Learn about the nursing strategic plan

Structural Empowerment (SE)

  • Include clinical nurses & nurse leaders in organizational committees
  • Join a professional organization
  • Achieve specialty certification
  • Celebrate colleagues who achieve specialty certification
  • Obtain advanced education
  • Support the Nurse Residency Program as an advisor, facilitator, or educator
  • Welcome new staff to the organization
  • Volunteer to promote the health of our community
  • Provide culturally & socially sensitive care
  • Recognize nurses for contributing to organizational goals
  • Celebrate & encourage interprofessional collaboration

Exemplary Professional Practice (EP)

  • Provide care that aligns with our Professional Practice Model (PPM) & Care delivery Model (CDM)
  • Include patients and/or their families in organizational improvement projects
  • Include nurses in organizational quality improvement activities
  • Request peer feedback related to your professional practice
  • Complete self-assessment of your practice
  • Ensure nurses are providing care within the full scope of their nursing practice
  • Include nurses in ethical & security issues
  • Share patient safety data
  • Involve nurses in improving nurse sensitive indicators

New Knowledge, Innovations, & Improvements (NK)

  • Participate in journal clubs
  • Attend local & national conferences
  • Join specialty organizations
  • Partake in continuous education
  • Conduct & participate in research
  • Collaborate with health-science librarians
  • Share your research through poster presentations or podium presentations
  • Promote evidence-based innovation in patient care
  • Share evidence for policy reviews