Nurse Residency

The Vizient/AACN-Upstate Nurse Residency Program is dedicated to helping new-to-practice graduate registered nurses make a comfortable transition from student to competent professional. Residency provides a supportive environment in which new nurses gain the competence and confidence needed to be an integral part of the Upstate team.

Upstate is the ONLY healthcare facility in Central New York that offers this evidence-based program to assist new nurses in the transition to practice.

Nurse Residents meet regularly for their first year of practice with their peers and Upstate nursing mentors. Nurse Residency brings in expert guest speakers, educators, and direct care staff nurses (including those who have completed Nurse Residency themselves!) to provide resources, support and real-life learning opportunities. The program incorporates open and small group discussions; didactic clinical content with experts; hands-on experience including the use of our simulation lab; and professional development exercises. The year of Nurse Residency concludes with a celebration and an evidence-based practice project.

Nurse Residency fosters clinical learning as a complement to bedside orientation, and provides opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and debrief on challenges and successes away from the daily hustle and bustle of the floor. Just as importantly, Nurse Residents gain a sense of belonging and support from each other, because no matter what school you graduate from, whether nursing is a second (or even third!) career, and what other experience life has given you, there is nothing like the transformation into a successful Registered Nurse!

Good news! If you are hired as a new-to-practice graduate registered nurse at Upstate you are automatically enrolled in the Nurse Residency Program.


To learn more, contact the Nurse Residency and Onboarding Coordinator Caitlin Nye, MSN, RN-BC at