Nursing Grand Rounds

Nursing Grand Rounds

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Ebola Virus Disease: The Collaborative Approach

Presented by:
Christina Martino, MS, RN
Kerri Swart, RN, CCRN

Q&A with expert panel: Ellen Anderson, Chris Dunham, Joe Tschopp, Rob Andrus, and Paul Suits

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
1:30 - 2:30 PM

Downtown Campus: 11th floor East Tower Kinney Performance Center
Community Campus: streamed live in the Community Room

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The presentation is targeted to all Nursing and Interdisciplinary Staff.


To increase knowledge on Upstate's collaborative efforts as an Ebola Treatment Facility, to ensure safe practices in caring for a patient who presents with Ebola.


1. Identify transmission process and increasing infection rates in West Africa based on CDC data.
2. Discuss the CDC standards related to the diagnosis of and infection control measures with Ebola.
3. Describe how Upstate has prepared as a designated Treatment Facility using CDC guidelines.

No Registration is Required
1.0 Contact Hour will be Awarded by the Institute for Continuing Nursing Education (ICNE)