Nursing Excellence Celebration

"This is the special night when we shine the spotlight on our nurses and honor their contributions," said Katie Mooney, Chief Nursing Officer. "Our nurses do just about everything.  Whether it's providing care at the bedside, developing new programs to enhance patient care, training future nurses, or even giving back to the community through their volunteer efforts, our nurses are committed to making lives better for others every day. In their work they exemplify Upstate's mission, vision and values."

Please join us this Fall of 2014 as Upstate University Hospital celebrates the 28th annual Nursing Excellence Awards. The dinner and awards ceremony honor the extraordinary nurses who care for our patients and families each and everyday. While each of Upstate nurses could be recognized daily for their professionalism and quality care, we set this night aside to make it a true recognition celebration.

Stay tuned for updated announcements on when and where as we get closer to the event. Contact Kim Babcock for any questions or comments.

Thank You to the ADVOCATES for Upstate Medical University, for helping to make this event possible year after year!