November 19 - 23, 2018

"Epigenetic programming in innate immune cells - role of oxidative stress and mitochondria in cardiovascular tissue repair"

Norifumi Urao, MD, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition
Pharmacology Faculty Candidate Seminar
Hosted by Dr. Richard Wojcikiewicz
Monday, November 19 @ 12 pm, 4414A NAB
Questions? Call: 315-464-7949

"Metabolic Control of Autoimmunity Through Autophagy"

Gourav Choudhary
Graduate Assistant, Perl Lab
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Student Seminar
Monday, November 19 @ 12 pm, 2231 WH
Questions? Call: 315-464-8707 | Open to the public

"Altered Perineuronal net structure in Ptprz1 KO mice"

Geoffrey Eill
Neuroscience Program PhD Candidate, Dr. Rick Matthews' Lab
Neuroscience Graduate Program & Physiology Graduate Program Seminar
Tuesday, November 20 @ 12 - 1 pm, 4709 NRB
Questions? Call: 315-464-7752

"Mitochondria-induced Proteostatic Stress in the Cytosol"

An informal presentation and discussion of research results presented by Dr. Xin Jie Chen's Lab
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Research Report
Tuesday, November 20 @ 4 - 5 pm, 103 WH
Questions? Call: 315-464-8707 | Open to the public

Unless otherwise indicated, the seminars and meetings listed above are closed to the public; only employees of Upstate Medical University, or other SUNY employees, may attend. For question or to submit a seminar for a future This Week in Research please email Ellen Furnari at: