June 25 - 29, 2018

"Macrophages and Gap Junctions: It's Complicated"

Elizabeth Eill
Taffet Lab
Microbiology & Immunology Works in Progress
Tuesday, June 26 @ 11 am, 3509/10 Setnor
Questions? Call: 315-464-7685

"Structural Homeostasis during Dendrite Development"

Quan Yuan, PhD
Stadtman Investigator, Dendrite Morphogenesis and Plasticity Unit
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Maxwell M. Mozell Seminar
Hosted by Sijun Zhu, MD, PhD, Neuroscience & Physiology
Tuesday, June 26 @ 3 - 4 pm, NRB 4709
Questions? Call: 315-464-7752

"SLC9A9 Pathway Interactions: Implications for Endosomal System Regulation in Autism Spectrum Disorders"

Jameson Patak
Neuroscience Program PhD Candidate, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Faraone's Lab
Neuroscience & Physiology Graduate Program Seminar
Tuesday, June 26 @ 12 - 1 pm, 4709 NRB
Questions? Call: 315-464-7752

"HCMV Upregulation of Early Autophagy Induces Survival in Infected Monocytes"

Aaron Altman
Chan Lab
Microbiology & Immunology Works in Progress
Thursday, June 28 @ 11 am, 2507/08 Setnor
Questions? Call: 315-464-7685

"Rational Emotive Therapy: An Empowering Therapy and Way of Life"

Debbie Joffe Ellis, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds
Thursday, June 28 @ 12:30 - 2 pm, 713 Harrison Street, PBS Building
Questions? Call: 315-464-3120 | Open to the public

Unless otherwise indicated, the seminars and meetings listed above are closed to the public; only employees of Upstate Medical University, or other SUNY employees, may attend. For question or to submit a seminar for a future This Week in Research please email Ellen Furnari at: FurnariE@upstate.edu.