February 4 - 8, 2019

"Role of peripodial Armadillo (β-catenin) in eye disc tissue morphogenesis"

Dana DeSantis
Neuroscience Program PhD Candidate, Dr. Francesca Pignoni's Lab
Ophthalmology & Center for Vision Research
Neuroscience Graduate Program & Physiology Graduate Program Seminar
Tuesday, February 5 @ 12 - 1 pm, 4709 NRB
Questions? Call: 315-464-7752

"Protein droplets and ALS: Liquid-liquid phase separation of UBQLN2 is modulated by oligomerization, ALS-linked mutations, and ubiquitin binding"

Carlos Castañeda, PhD
Assistant Professor, Departments of Biology & Chemistry, Syracuse University
Syracuse Biomaterials Institute Seminar
Wednesday, February 6 @ 11 am - 12 pm, 414 Bowne Hall, SU
Questions? Email: KPLow@syr.edu 

VisualSonics Training: Vevo 3100 Imaging System

Sponsored by VisualSonics
Trainings: Wednesday, February 6 & Thursday, February 7 in UH 7814
Lunch and Learn Seminar: Wednesday, February 6 @ 11:30 am - 1 pm, 3105 WH
Questions or training sign-up, email: KotulaL@upstate.edu

"Electrophysiological and molecular effects of HDAC inhibitors in cardiomyocytes"

Xian Zhang
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Richard Veenstra's Lab
Pharmacology Thesis Defense Seminar
Thursday, February 7 @ 12 pm, 2507/08 Setnor
Questions? Call: 315-464-7949

"The National Diabetes Prevention Program"

Presented by:
Parul D. Rahbari, MPH, Project Officer, Division of Diabetes Translation, National Center for Chronic Disease, Prevention & Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and
Susan Millstein, LCSW, MPH, Manager, Diabetes Program, New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Community Chronic Disease Prevention
Public Health & Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds
Thursday, February 7 @ 12:15 pm, 2231 WH
Questions? Call: 315-464-1520 | Open to the public

"Genetics and epigenetics of drug response"

Speaker: Chunyu Liu, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Discussant: Julio Licinio, MD, PhD, Dean of the College of Medicine
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds
Thursday, February 7 @ 12:30 - 2 pm, 2nd Floor, 713 Harrison Street, PBS Building
Questions? Call: 315-464-3120 | Open to the public

Unless otherwise indicated, the seminars and meetings listed above are closed to the public; only employees of Upstate Medical University, or other SUNY employees, may attend. For question or to submit a seminar for a future This Week in Research please email Ellen Furnari at: FurnariE@upstate.edu.